My son and I are heading to Las Vegas for the Tyson-Wilder heavyweight championship fight. We will be “cruising” around and after my wager I hope I’m not “blue!” HAGWE!

Oct 08, 2021,16:44 PM

Ulysse Nardin “Blue Cruiser”

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That is the watch for Cruisin'!

 By: MichaelC : October 8th, 2021-16:49
LOVE it! Have fun and hope you see some cool timepieces in Vegas. Great place to see most every brand.

Yes in the larger hotels. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : October 8th, 2021-17:13

Mevtoo, but as the expression...

 By: Ronald Held : October 9th, 2021-21:19
Goes Fat Chance.

Gracias Señor!

 By: EdTonkin : October 8th, 2021-17:43

Who did you bet on?

 By: mdg : October 8th, 2021-17:34


 By: Stoikos : October 8th, 2021-17:47

Thank you my friend!

 By: EdTonkin : October 8th, 2021-18:25

Iconic masterpiece.

 By: Watchonthewrist : October 8th, 2021-21:09
Enjoy your weekend 👊🏻🤗

wish you long and exciting fight.

 By: Gelato Monster : October 9th, 2021-02:35
Gorgeous Freak

Super freaky!

 By: nasseriq : October 9th, 2021-19:23