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Jan 09, 2019,00:05 AM

Hello All, 

I ve been vewing this site for a few years now but never posted anything. Since it is my first post first of all I wanted to say hallo to all members. 
I starded my collection with Zenith but than turned into Nardin as I was attracted by their marine design. I managed to secure a few pieces into my collection which I will present here. 
Just yesterday I picked up this beautiful piece and I can not take my eyes of it. In my oppinion it is a most amazing diver watch ever produced. 

I remember some time ago russell996 was selling his piece. I looked it on Bay but at that time I was not ready for it. Russell996 I see you still have it as I see recent post with this watch. 

As a new owner I have a few questions.

1. Since there was no manual I looked up on the interenet and saw a video on YT how to adjust PC . Acctualy presentetion was on ElTorro but it is more less the same apart from dual time complication. 

Crown in second position adjusts big date month and year windows. Can year also be turned back ? If I go to 2020 can I go back to 2019 ?

I understand that day window is adjusted by moving hands forward.in 3 crown position. If I keep moving hands also the big  date window changes at midnight. Is it correct ?

So if my watch rests for say two weeks first I have to adjust day window by moving hands forward until I reach one day before desired and than adjust back big date in crown position nr 2 also to one before current day.

2. I noticed that this mechanism does not have hacking second. Is there any way to adjust time it accuratley ?  

3. As I've noticed there are two versions of this piece with different colour of smal second hand.  I guess lower case numbers have silver and higher red. Mine is 29 and I saw other one with low case number also with silver second hand. Correct me if I am wrong. 

Would be greatfull for any insight. 


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Welcome and congrats on getting this fantastic PC!

 By: iadxb : January 9th, 2019-00:30
Like other indicators, the year can also be adjusted backwards. No issues, just make sure that you don't use the quickset when the calendar mechanism is engaged. I usually take the hands forward to 5 am before adjusting the date. The way you explained on ... 

Hi Lu Cash, welcome here first!

 By: amanico : January 9th, 2019-00:36
All the Perpetual Calendars from Ulysse Nardin can be set forward AND backward, that is quite unique for such a complication. No hacking seconds, true. But there is a trick: Pull the crown like if you wanted to set the time, then go slightly backward. The... 

Wonderful piece.

 By: russell996 : January 9th, 2019-00:51
Welcome Lu, congratulations on a great PC. As others have said no problem to adjust forward or back. I think you are correct about the small seconds hand, later pieces are red but not sure when the change was implemented. Keep the pictures coming. (ps I s... 

Thank you for responses.

 By: Lu Cash : January 9th, 2019-02:12
The trick with halting secons hand does not work in my case. I am trying to turn it counterclockwise and it's still running. Also I found this review of Nardin PC watch with adjustment explanation. www.sbg.ac.at As to seconds hand colour I fou... 

Welcome and congratulations for getting this remarkable timepiece!

 By: Marcus Hanke : January 16th, 2019-03:51
Although I own the standard version of the UN perpetual, I am still contemplating adding a Marine Perpetual for everyday use. The link you quote above is outdated in that only Part 2 is still accessible. I have reposted the full review here in the forum o...