It's Friday afternoon where I am, so a passing post since I just received an old "friend" back...

Nov 01, 2019,01:21 AM

...from service that is.  Missed it for a while, but thankfully, it came back earlier than expected.  I was kind of thinking that I would not see it until after Christmas.

Kind of like a cuckoo.....

Interesting box my AD provided to carry the watch in.  smile

An older piece with old-fashioned screw-down pushers but one of the nicer ones from UN, I feel.  And with the heat-blued hands.  Made me almost want to switch my current timepiece off and start wearing the UN immediately.

Ah, choices...on a Friday afternoon. C'est la vie.

Have a good weekend ahead to all who stop by for a read.


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Thanks. And, yes, started to enjoy it.

 By: Eddie1 : November 1st, 2019-03:04
Work day has ended here. ...  

Cool, you wear it very well. [nt]

 By: amanico : November 1st, 2019-05:56
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On time delivery

 By: Jurry : November 1st, 2019-02:39
Great to have your “old friend” returned in time for the holidays. It’s a good looking bit sturdy strong watch which will e with you many many years. You mentioned the box is bit weird but these cases are great for travel etc. I once got a whole bunch of ... 


 By: Weems@8 : November 1st, 2019-12:43
Thinking to see a Longines, i see an UN. Despite of my complains about chronograph complications, it is a nice UN. My pragmatic character is hard agains complications that are to much if it do not make any sense. Some things like rare metals are the cherr...