Couple more UN’s that I have been enjoying

Jun 24, 2020,03:26 AM

Both are 35mm, very wearable for sure.

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Thank you. Very wearable, the radium one has been my daily as of late!

 By: jaychang777 : June 24th, 2020-03:30
It must have sat at 12:52 for a very, very long time. (the other hand radium burn is under the hour hand)

Impressive! [nt]

 By: amanico : June 24th, 2020-03:32


 By: jaychang777 : June 24th, 2020-03:34
both are also waterproof as well, I wish UN made more pieces like this now too, such a clean look.

Radium half life

 By: chippyfly : June 24th, 2020-04:58
Thanks for sharing your vintage U-N’s but please be careful about regular wearing. I share my 1958 U-N here, which radiates at about 0.9 µSv/hr and mine's original dial has no “parking marks” and is safe to wear a few days at a time, which I do. I have a ...  

Yes, you're absolutely right.

 By: jaychang777 : June 24th, 2020-05:03
Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it!

If radium is dangerous what happened to the people

 By: Thomas_3 : June 24th, 2020-06:34
who wore watches with radium every day, all day long for years?

Only kidding you 😀[nt]

 By: vitalsigns : June 24th, 2020-08:21
No message body

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : June 24th, 2020-08:28

Hehehe... ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : June 24th, 2020-12:10

That rare radium G-P Gyromatic was bought from the estate . . .

 By: chippyfly : June 25th, 2020-03:19
. . . of a long time collector who owned over 2,000 watches when he died a few years ago. It likely was acquired a long time before? Worn 14 hours per day x 365 x 15µSv/hr=76,650 µSv per annum; a very large accumulated dose of radiation. "100,000 μSv – Lo...