An Ulysse Nardin I didn't know: Minute Repeater from 1950.

Jul 08, 2020,13:15 PM

36 mm Yellow Gold case, with a movement which looks familiar to those who know the Vacheron Minute Repeater. 

Credit picture Phillips: 

According to Phillips, it is most probably an unique piece. I tend to agree with them when they say that we often see time only and chronograph, when it comes to vintage Ulysse Nardin. 

What a beauty! 



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What a beauty! [nt]

 By: Moana43 : July 8th, 2020-13:19

Indeed a special watch.

 By: Baruch Coutts : July 8th, 2020-13:53
I photographed it at the Phillips preview in London in October 2018. The case is similar to a Patek Philippe repeater () sold by the same auction house in 2016 (third image is courtesy of Phillips). Regards, Baruch ...  

Image courtesy of Phillips again...

 By: Baruch Coutts : July 8th, 2020-13:57

I am trying to work that out myself!

 By: Baruch Coutts : July 8th, 2020-14:03
I would not be surprised if it's the same ebauche. Let me see if I can find some more info.

Uhhh! That movement is gorgeous!

 By: ZSHSZ : July 8th, 2020-16:30
Watchmaking at its best. The chamfers are not bad eider...

Neither could I. [nt]

 By: amanico : July 10th, 2020-12:46

Both equally difficult? (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : July 12th, 2020-12:24

It seems so. [nt]

 By: amanico : July 12th, 2020-23:00

The VC movement

 By: LwC : December 3rd, 2020-12:30
I think the cal. was made by Dubois Depraz ...  


 By: LwC : April 8th, 2021-13:19
From an Antiquorum auction lot 140 11Oct03: Notes "Vacheron Constantin minute-repeating wristwatches were produced in 36 examples in all, in pink, yellow, white gold and platinum : 17 examples in 1942, 9 in 1944 and 10 in 1951. Only ten examples of the la... 

I think so...

 By: LwC : April 9th, 2021-07:36
I don’t know about the reliability of Antiquorum as an information source. I think the information is probably correct though: on page 262 of the 1992 publication “The World of Vacheron Constantin Geneve” credits the development of the movement to Dubois ... 

I don't know...

 By: LwC : April 9th, 2021-10:37
Claret has been openly credited with the original San Marco minute repeaters, and the Hourstriker shares its Jacquemart feature so it makes sense that he could have been involved with its development. On the other hand Dubois-Depraz specializes in develop... 

I think the UN is different from the Vacherons...

 By: LwC : April 9th, 2021-08:12
Fwiw I found the UN repeater auction info: Share Manufacturer: Ulysse Nardin Year: 1950 Movement No: 127'544 Case No: 668'852 Material: 18K yellow gold Calibre: Manual, cal. 12"', 27 jewels Bracelet/Strap: Leather Clasp/Buckle: Yellow gold plated pin buck...  

Thanks, once again!

 By: amanico : April 9th, 2021-08:39