A nice detail from the Ulysse Nardin Freak Out.

Apr 01, 2021,14:26 PM

The Freak Out is a true Freak which has many fans, here. 

The dial is an important part of this watch, as well as the absence of crown. Better said, it is the DNA of the watch. 

When you look at this dial, 

You can only fall in love with it. 

I wonder what Ulysse Nardin has for us, this year. 

We'll see, in one week from now!



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Yes! 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 1st, 2021-15:24

Simply gorgeous from different angles

 By: time _ zone : April 1st, 2021-16:53

nothing like a freak

 By: Gelato Monster : April 1st, 2021-17:58
Uniquely epic


 By: Gelato Monster : April 2nd, 2021-15:46


 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2021-17:15

You nail the essence of Ulysse Nardin with your post

 By: MichaelC : April 1st, 2021-18:49
I hope to be motivated with new models. I am not a huge proponent of X's and rectangles, but let's see what they have. I bleed for this brand as you do.


 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2021-13:59

Very true

 By: Gelato Monster : April 2nd, 2021-17:26

A freak is Definitely one of my fav from UN .

 By: Watchonthewrist : April 2nd, 2021-00:44
Looking forward to see what they will show us soon

Me too! Thanks, WoW.

 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2021-14:04


 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2021-14:03
Cruiser: Freak Out: ...  

Great shot...

 By: nacelle : April 2nd, 2021-10:15
Just love the Freak Out...

You Know there will..

 By: Ronald Held : April 2nd, 2021-12:23
Be a new Freal announced in a week?


 By: amanico : April 2nd, 2021-22:53

Maybe an all new...

 By: Ronald Held : April 3rd, 2021-12:33
Freak to amaze us?

++1! (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : April 4th, 2021-13:25

UN new releases

 By: Weems@8 : April 4th, 2021-05:08
I am curious Nicolas where UN comes with this week. I hope no rectangle elements,forms and X, because Micheal C do not prefer it. I focus on technical aspects, useful,practical like smart strap attach systems, thin cases. Silicon oscillator maybe?

We'll soon know!

 By: amanico : April 4th, 2021-09:23