Worse than going up in smoke, Art this is for you

Apr 02, 2021,14:23 PM

I went to his winery a couple years ago but didn’t realize Mario had fallen on hard times!

Gee whiz $20k for a pool table/Camaro?

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Cool. Can I drive your pool table? 😂

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 2nd, 2021-14:27

It is for sale

 By: Weems@8 : April 2nd, 2021-15:16
Uuuu, wats wrong with a good quality standard pool table?

About the tackiest thing

 By: Gwai : April 2nd, 2021-15:52
I've seen in a long time. Ain't seen nothing yet. Cheers Marc

Hehehe, good one!

 By: Gwai : April 3rd, 2021-00:55
Always sad to see a beast intended for a different environment beached like that, though.

Totally in agreement😉🥂

 By: FabR : April 3rd, 2021-06:37
No message body

"We . . .

 By: Dr No : April 7th, 2021-22:30
. . . are not amused." Fast Mario? 😐