Steampunk Headphones

Jan 12, 2022,22:35 PM

For many years at luxury audio shows worldwide, Audeze showcased their 1 of 1 LCD-3 Steampunk Edition planar magnetic headphones. Instantly fell in love with them too! Does anyone else on WPS enjoy steampunk?

Photo Credit: Lee Shelly

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Yes, if you enjoy the steampunk style (in general)

 By: enjoythemusic : January 12th, 2022-23:20
Yes, this is the only pair made. At the time produced, about seven years ago, the LCD-3 was the top model for Audeze.

I think he asked if anyone enjoyed "steampunk"

 By: cazalea : January 12th, 2022-23:22
Even though he led with the headphones photo... ...  

Poor 2CV...😔

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : January 12th, 2022-23:27

Espresso Maker

 By: enjoythemusic : January 12th, 2022-23:33


 By: amanico : January 13th, 2022-08:06

I enjoy it, but this one is forced...

 By: patrick_y : January 12th, 2022-23:51
I enjoy steampunk, but not when it's added just for the sake of being more steampunk. These headphones don't really utilize the gears etc. in the actual function of the headphone. The steampunk elements are purely aesthetic. And that gives a poser vibe to... 

Good Points

 By: enjoythemusic : January 13th, 2022-00:17

I've read Homunculus by James Blaylock many years ago,

 By: Mary Anny : January 13th, 2022-07:20
I also used to listen to Billy Idol and drive a Sportster 883 as every day transport. Apart from that, I think that our mechanical watches are absolutely the easiest way to live steampunk!