It's Opening Day 2018! Get in here and call your shot.

Mar 29, 2018,08:04 AM

Mine is easy.

JerryW no doubt has his Astros repeating, Dr.No is gonna stick with his Dodger Blue.  Who else are you rooting for?

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LOL! [nt]

 By: psychotic : March 29th, 2018-08:30

Sorry, but...

 By: thegrailwatch : March 29th, 2018-11:19
The Yankees are going to be sending plenty over the green monster this year! ...  

Hometown Blue

 By: colton_d : March 29th, 2018-11:56
Although I reside a few hours north, Toronto still wins in my heart My expectations are somewhat tempered given how strong Boston and the Yankees are looking, but anything can happen. Suberp shot with your new UN Freak, congratulations on pulling the trig...  

Go Blue Jays ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 29th, 2018-13:30

Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-clap!

 By: Spangles - El Atigrado : March 29th, 2018-15:41
Let's go Redsox!

You live in New York!

 By: DruidPadj : March 29th, 2018-18:15
What's wrong with you?!

Nobody's perfect! [nt]

 By: Spangles - El Atigrado : March 29th, 2018-18:46

Red Sox!

 By: Wojo : March 29th, 2018-17:14
the bullpen implosion today was not a great way to start...but at least itโ€™s finally baseball season

Hoping for number 28 :)

 By: Champthekid : March 30th, 2018-02:55
Overdue ...  

Congrats! Just keep the faith.

 By: JerryW : November 25th, 2018-10:08
We saw a great season of baseball and I am already excited about opening day 2019.

Yesterday, I labored through an NFL game in person. All I could think of is when does baseball start?

 By: MichaelC : November 26th, 2018-06:05
And the game itself had lots of exciting plays. But pro football for me is a bit more of a background event. Turn it on while working or doing something else. Boston will bring back a solid team next year, but the Yanks are already improved and Houston is... 

I am going tonight.

 By: JerryW : November 26th, 2018-15:49
Monday night football. Just going to go, would much rather be at a baseball game. I get it.

Your team is solid.

 By: MichaelC : November 27th, 2018-05:58
I like football, I just find the flow of the game gets worse and worse. So many long television timeouts. If you are at a game with many turnovers and short drives, it seems to take twice as long. Fans are also quite a bit more boisterous at a NFL game. Y...