Have been working from home over a year now.

Apr 05, 2021,12:57 PM

Didn't think it would be this long so I never set up

a  "real home office".  This is what I come down to 
every morning, work 8-10 hours and do it all over
again the next day.  I sit at a game table right in 
front of the wet bar just to the left of the fireplace,
just out of the picture.  Would a home office
been a better alternative, definitely, but this works
too.  I clean up every night and put the computer away
so really there's no sign I sit there all day long.  I probably
don't have to but I told my wife I would when this first started.
The spot at the center at the very bottom of the photo is from 
the sun coming thru the front door side glass. The white ring 
around the base of the fireplace is tile still there to support 
the fireplace, the wood floor is too thick to slide under the base.
Need to come up with something to hide it, I have a couple
ideas in my head.

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Home office

 By: Weems@8 : April 5th, 2021-14:16
I worked six months at home. Tomorrow i go to the company building. Have a good working day tomorrow. Weems.

Same here, it has been a year!

 By: eklektik : April 5th, 2021-14:25
I agree: good housekeeping helps with sanity and helps mentally to switch on and off work, even in the same room. Best, E.

Well done for getting through this difficult time ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 5th, 2021-15:21
With a little creativity.

A whole new world

 By: MichaelC : April 5th, 2021-18:15
I am fortunate to have a great home office. And when I designed the home, I made a nice working area for the missus. It takes discipline to work at home, but I sure cherish it.

Very true on Discipline

 By: Gelato Monster : April 5th, 2021-19:02
Discipline to start and to stop. Wish you every day is fun day at work🥂