Hopefully with a real beer and no Kölsch….😀

Oct 16, 2021,18:41 PM

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Beautiful early autumn day in Cologne, Germany.

 By: Gwai : October 16th, 2021-15:31
Have a nice weekend, everybody! Cheers Marc ...  

Thanks Bill,

 By: Gwai : October 16th, 2021-18:24
you too! Not anything like the Pacific coast of course but sitting in the sun can be quite peaceful even in cityscapes... ...  

Sending you some Pacific sunshine.

 By: Bill : October 16th, 2021-19:55

Thank you, I already

 By: Gwai : October 16th, 2021-20:01
checked out your own thread of today. Admirable lifestyle, admiral, yours.

Cologne is very nice esp. in the kind of Brasseries (Brauereiausschank) like Gaffel.

 By: brauner : October 16th, 2021-17:31
Say "hello" to the so called Köbes and he will give you many beers even if you don't order.

Well, I'm not a brauhaus guy myself but

 By: Gwai : October 16th, 2021-18:31
the city, by no means a beauty, does have its nice spots. (I know, just like any city...)

Exactly. Was born here, never

 By: Gwai : October 16th, 2021-18:46
liked Kölsch.