The new carrera anniversary piece is tempting...

Jan 17, 2023,16:34 PM

I need to remind myself how i love this silver one in the first place🌝

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Oh I love this one!!!!

 By: The Swiss guy : January 17th, 2023-16:37

Yes, me too haha🍻🍻

 By: saintseiyaikki : January 18th, 2023-15:21

Could only happen in my dream only...

 By: saintseiyaikki : January 18th, 2023-15:26

Looks so classic! Very cool!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 17th, 2023-23:17

Thanks a lot,🍻🍻

 By: saintseiyaikki : January 18th, 2023-15:28
Except for the thickness, it is quite a remake🤝🤝

I was hoping for a panda carrera since the ch80 period...

 By: saintseiyaikki : January 18th, 2023-15:35
But i would stick to mine and let it be🍻