Not a bad modern TH

Jun 02, 2024,05:12 AM

Unfortunately, had to be sent in for service right after I purchased it in a TH boutique, as it was loosing time and was not able to wind efficiently. Lools like thesr issues have been sortes (still testing), but they managed to leave marks on the caseback from opening the watch...

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They left marks?

 By: indignantdenial : June 2nd, 2024-05:18
Good lord. If you can show us, that would be great.

Yes, scratches on the caseback when they unscrew it

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-05:19
And also on one of the lugs from removing the strap.


 By: Lankysudanese : June 2nd, 2024-05:37

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-06:02

Small, but unacceptable.

 By: indignantdenial : June 2nd, 2024-06:11
That's just unprofessional.


 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-06:47

That is very sloppy and unacceptable!

 By: ArmisT : June 2nd, 2024-06:36
This is why I dread needing to service a piece.

Yes, absolutely

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-06:46


 By: indignantdenial : June 2nd, 2024-07:04
I wish all service techs were capable. Obviously that's not true, there are duds in every profession. Still, the faults on display feel so basic that I cannot but agree with you. Servicing is like sending your watch to the void and hoping it ends up with ... 

So true!

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:09
I keep this in mind and where possible opt for ceramic or DLC watches to reduce the risk of the watch being damaged by a service center in the future. Does nothing to protect the movement or a dial/hands though

+1 šŸ˜” so true

 By: hora12reborn : June 2nd, 2024-07:55

hahahaha, that's clever ;)

 By: indignantdenial : June 2nd, 2024-10:05

It is a good looking watch.

 By: LarsG : June 2nd, 2024-05:44
But Iā€™m always troubled when I hear these stories about sloppy service. Hope you get it fixed and gets an apology on top of it. Enjoy!

Thanks! Given everything, I will probably

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-06:09
do nothing about it, other than informing my AD that they should avoid using this particular service center if they have a choice. Just wanted public to be aware of my experience.

I will inform the London boutique, yes

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:35
Good idea, thank you!

To be precise, the watch was sent it by my AD

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-06:05
to LVMH Relojeria y Joyeria Iberia, so maybe (just maybe) Service centers elsewhere are better...


 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:56

Yep :(

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-12:12

I do not have energy (im the sense do not want to waste any) to pursue this

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-16:28
any further, so will just keep the watch. Likely my last TH though.

Sorry to hear from your bad experience.

 By: jlux : June 2nd, 2024-10:31
I had similar experiences with other brands. Other than that this is a great Tourbillon watch !!

Thank you!

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-12:12

Thank you :)

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-12:12
So far so good, will be wearing it this week to test it further.

Oh, thanks so much!

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-12:29
Great thanks for appreciating