I went in to

Jul 30, 2020,06:42 AM

take a closer look on these two Monacos. They both are very nice pieces and have the winding

crown on their left side. The sales person told me that in their shop the left side model is more
wanted than the Gulf because of being like the watch Steve McQueen had been wearing in the movie
Le Mans. Just some days ago I called to a friend of mine I knew had the Guld model a couple 
of years ago. He had ended up parting with it but he had good knowledge of Tag watches. Anyway it was
nice to try these on wrist even if I don't think of buying one.

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Nice Monacos

 By: Cookies : July 30th, 2020-07:08
If i had a choice, I’d pick the Gulf because it looks so good. But I feel Monaco pieces are overpriced nowadays and rather would get other brands for US6k range. It’s not that I cannot afford it, but because the price vs quality vs perceived value is unba... 

Agree! +1 [nt]

 By: Reuven Malter : July 30th, 2020-09:45

At least you know how you felt about it concerning

 By: Ted-Lo : July 30th, 2020-08:31
Your next purchase.

Sure, love Steve and agree that's a factor but better yet is that Monaco versions with caliber 11 (crown on the left) don't say "TAG" on the dial. Also its the same layout as the original

 By: InDebtButOnTime : July 30th, 2020-08:40
Monaco with the movement created by the Heuer, Buren (and others) group that was in the race to be the first automatic chronograph. I have tons of respect for Heuer (wish I'd have kept my pre TAG Regatta!) but when TAG bought the company they did Heuer no...  

I like the Monaco and thing TAG's quality has vastly improved over the years

 By: Thomas_3 : July 30th, 2020-08:40
and if I were to get a Monaco it would have to be one with the crown on the right side (3 O'clock position). I currently have a TAG Carrera Twin-Time and do enjoy wearing it as part of my rotation.

Nice problem. (nt)

 By: Jari from Finland : July 31st, 2020-11:25

I agree

 By: pongster : August 4th, 2020-18:59
I would only get the Gulf if i was connected to the company somehow. In fact, i dont care so much for McQueen himself but i like the orange detail. If there was no Gulf logo, i might have picked that over the McQueen.

This watch looked stunning

 By: Jari from Finland : September 7th, 2020-11:10
This Monaco is Limited Edition of 1000 pieces. There are lots of nice Monaco models. I will not buy but it is always great to take a closer look at them and try them on wrist. ...