Have a great week ahead guys 😊🍻

Sep 05, 2022,13:21 PM

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Glad you enjoy it, my friend :)

 By: Watcholic_id : September 6th, 2022-04:13
It's quite a bargain in these days, an affordable manual chronograph with iconic design IMO. Cheers

That's it.

 By: amanico : September 6th, 2022-06:53

A very nice classic!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 5th, 2022-16:09

Thanks πŸ™πŸΎπŸ»

 By: Watcholic_id : September 6th, 2022-04:13

What a nice specimen !

 By: Mike H : September 5th, 2022-16:28
Perfect size, perfect proportions, perfect design, what a classy classic chrono! Enjoy it and wear it in the best of health!

While not a iconic as yours this has been very

 By: Thomas_3 : September 5th, 2022-19:17
dependable over the years and I still enjoy it. Accurate and runs great. ...  

Awesome piece!

 By: Watcholic_id : September 6th, 2022-04:14
Thanks for looking πŸ™πŸΎπŸ»