Hard to source for them, though.

Sep 17, 2022,03:38 AM

And expensive!

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Fresh from getting serviced

 By: AJ519 : September 16th, 2022-12:47
New crystal and new strap. ...  

I know nothing about vintage but that looks very good!

 By: GWIS : September 16th, 2022-12:59
For my information, what model is that? Enjoy the reunion! All the best, Jon

 By: AJ519 : September 16th, 2022-14:44
It’s a 2447 “yachting” model which were a special order from what I could find. The blue on the right subdial is marked in 5 minute increments which they used when starting sailboat races.

Thank you

 By: AJ519 : September 16th, 2022-14:45
This one is from the 60s it was my uncles and he left it to me when he passed recently.

Cherish it!

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2022-20:10

Tres chic!

 By: patrick_y : September 16th, 2022-15:07
I really like these old Heuers. This one has a very nice dial!

Outstanding watch!

 By: MichaelC : September 16th, 2022-15:43
And ready now for many years to come. Thanks for your post!

Beautiful dial.

 By: Ruffian : September 17th, 2022-01:03
It'll look super on a beads of rice bracelet!

 By: AJ519 : September 17th, 2022-02:00
I’ve looked into those. I’d like to get one eventually.

Hard to source for them, though.

 By: Ruffian : September 17th, 2022-03:38
And expensive!