Back to TAG Heuer after a long hiatus

Feb 12, 2019,18:00 PM

Back to TAG Heuer after a long hiatus

After a 25 year hiatus since my last TAG Heuer I am finally back to wearing one and I can’t seem to take it off my wrist to put the rest of my watches back on rotation…

In the early 90’s I received as gifts both a Formula 1 Series Chronograph black dial in steel and an S/el Series grey dial in steel (still own both of them). These were my first real watches (albeit both with quartz movements) besides the multitude of Swatches I might have accidentallly destroyed during my childhood. 

These two watches which I researched in magazine ads and catalogs before the age of the internet and hand picked hoping I would be able to get one of the two, were the start of my horological insanity and led to a barrage of mechanical and complicated timepieces which I have owned through out the years.

Many years later when I was finally able to afford to purchase my own timepieces, I passionately followed Jean Claude Biver’s rise in the industry and luckily own a few of the models he introduced of different brands.

As JCB sky rocketed through LVMH’s watchmaking division and took over the reigns at TAG Heuer I watched closely as he launched the incredible Carrera Heuer 01 amongst many other fantastic changes he made to the company.

But my curiosity really peaked when JCB announced a couple of years ago an in-house Tourbillon Automatic Chronograph for under CHF 20,000. First I thought it was impossible and he had either lost his mind or was launching a machiavelic marketing campaign on scale never seen before. After seeing the first examples of the Carrera Heuer 02 T in the wild, I knew it was the later.

I tried unsuccessfully for a while to obtain one of these coveted and limited production timepieces and then the Forged Carbon (CMC) version was launched and I went nuts, I had to have that watch.

Luckily and thanks to my good friend Georges in Crans-Montana, CH, I was able to get one over the holidays and I am finally back to wearing a TAG Heuer after a much overdue period.

Now I just have to stop staring at the Tourbillon all day and get stuff done!!!

Finally a slow motion video of the Tourbillon

Heuer 02 T Slow Motion

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Great timepiece.

 By: Adamska : February 12th, 2019-19:46
Love the forged carbon case. A tourbillon complication for that price-point is marvellous. Much enjoyment to you, cheers, Filip

Thank you!!!

 By: Miula : February 13th, 2019-05:46
It really is incredible to be able to purchase a Swiss made automatic chronograph Tourbillon chronometer in CMC at this price point...

Congrats. Fantastic watch. I tried on the all black version

 By: Hulk : February 12th, 2019-23:29
And was amazed at how light the watch was. My first real watch was the Kirium and like you wrote albeit a quartz but I still like some off the watches. Wear it with health and again great choice. Cheers Steve


 By: Miula : February 13th, 2019-05:55
It really is ridiculously light for a 45mm watch, it actually weighs in at 116g; just for comparison my Hublot KP All Black UNICO Chronograph in all ceramic weighs in at 163g which is fairly light for a 48mm watch.

Thank you

 By: Miula : February 13th, 2019-06:01
I am not allowed to discuss exact prices but it was definitely less than 20,000 Swiss francs and this is the forged carbon version which is slightly more expensive than the ceramic, the Phantom versions are slightly more expensive but still under 20k if y...