Unfathomable work on the Eichi 2

Mar 22, 2020,07:47 AM

All hours markers and logo are all free hand painted with only a brush and no other tools used including template. Multiple layers are painted with heating required after each layer to achieve such thickness. Any mistake will ruin the dial and start over. It’s hard to fathom how one can have such a steady hand with so much precision.

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Superb photo!!

 By: sham1 : March 22nd, 2020-07:50
Amazing artistry

Thanks Sham! [nt]

 By: mj23 : March 22nd, 2020-12:22

this looks amazing

 By: ChristianDK : March 22nd, 2020-08:21
I am very smitten by this watch. Still need to see it IRL though!

Seiko Flagship Salon

 By: avseg : April 1st, 2020-23:47
The Seiko Flagship Salon in the Wako (Ginza, Tokyo) had one last time I was through... not that it's easy to travel anywhere these days. But should you find yourself in Tokyo, might be worth a stop!

Thanks FabR!! [nt]

 By: mj23 : March 22nd, 2020-12:22

Thanks George! [nt]

 By: mj23 : March 22nd, 2020-12:23

Thanks kjkt3 [nt]

 By: mj23 : March 22nd, 2020-12:23

Free hand!

 By: cazalea : March 22nd, 2020-12:27
And with people looking over his shoulder! ...  

It is not 100% freehand without a template...

 By: CL : March 22nd, 2020-12:39
no doubt that the writing is amazing, it is done with help. The dial was made with carving of the logo and the ink was 'written' within the carved dial, kinda like filling in.

I have seen a picture of the dial without the ink...

 By: CL : March 22nd, 2020-13:39
and my friend had saw the dial in person. Still, it is not easy to write those index and wording with those 'aids'. 'Carved' is the wrong word, my bad. I think I should say that the porcelain dials provided has slight indentations that form the wordings. ... 

The picture is not in my computer...

 By: CL : March 22nd, 2020-17:14
You can ask Cazalea. He has been there before and had taken the above photo. he will very likely have paid attention to those dials. Still. it is an extremely difficult task to fill those writing but consistent freehand writing on those porcelain will be ... 

Thanks for checking.

 By: mj23 : March 23rd, 2020-09:34
Appreciate it

You are welcome.

 By: CL : March 23rd, 2020-09:49
Just want to clarify further. This is not a knock on Eichi 2. When I purchased this piece, I had already seen the image of the dial. To me, it is still something really difficult and require high concentration. Do note that all Dufour's dials are provided... 

I agree, it is not a knock.

 By: KtWP : March 25th, 2020-14:46
I'm genuinely curious about how the dials are made. I saw a few claims on tz similar to yours, that there's an etch and the artists fill that in with ink, but the evidence seems thin. It seems to be based on SJX photos which, to my eye, don't clearly show... 

Finest Seiko watch? (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : March 22nd, 2020-15:22

I would say so in terms of finishing.

 By: mj23 : March 22nd, 2020-16:03
One of the best in the world. Not just within Seiko.

I think their movement finishing...

 By: CL : March 22nd, 2020-16:16
is definitely among the top 5 in the world. Best enjoyed using a 12x loupe

:) [nt]

 By: mj23 : March 23rd, 2020-11:36

I have yet to see the Rexhep Rexhepi in metal...

 By: CL : March 23rd, 2020-11:36
but I think it should be very close to the top, based on photos. I'm not sure cosmetic finishing on a watch is that important, seriously.