The only way to capture this dial is under

Aug 29, 2022,17:49 PM

direct light; so apologize for the reflections. It’s really deep and a blue- green color. Made in a limited quantity for the Australian market. Grand Seiko Hi Beat GMT. Enjoy!

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Thank you my friend!

 By: EdTonkin : August 30th, 2022-02:27

Great looking watch, Ed

 By: Brandon Skinner : August 30th, 2022-00:21
A question for you… is this essentially the same dial we have in our SBGH269 with the red dial, just in blue?!

Yessir! You got it. Overall I still prefer the

 By: EdTonkin : August 30th, 2022-02:26
red that we have. Enjoy!

Thank you, Greg!

 By: EdTonkin : August 30th, 2022-22:08