The entire 27-watch line-up shown here

Aug 07, 2019,07:36 AM

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NEW SEIKO 5 Sport Watch line

 By: cazalea : August 7th, 2019-07:07
Seiko sent a press release today announcing the availability of a new line of watches, a fusion of Seiko 5 and Seiko Sports. The new logo is a stylized S indicating this compression of two historic Seiko lines. For sake of visibility, I filtered out the b...  

One of each please ☝️ [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : August 7th, 2019-07:18

$300 each, more or less -- even getting 5 still in the "petty cash" price range

 By: cazalea : August 7th, 2019-07:26
I just added specs, pricing and timing to the bottom of the article. Mike

Great watches...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : August 7th, 2019-09:58
Although it will be tough to choose from 27 variants.

Seiko's specs are wildly outside of the normal performance

 By: cazalea : August 7th, 2019-12:08
If you look around on the web you will see the 4R36 does much better than the Specs Seiko publishes -- actually I saw +45/-30 as specs but people claiming +/- 3 or 5 seconds. Maybe 6-12 seconds a day is reasonably good performance that many people report.... 

The specs say +25/-15 for the 6R15 movement in this Seiko ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 8th, 2019-01:09
However it is running amazingly accurate: only -1 sec in position crown down over night, + 5 sec crown and dial up. Fair to say chronometer grade. I will observe it further but I understand your concerns fully: on paper it sounds not good. ...  

These are great, something for everyone in terms of styling.

 By: Jay (Eire) : August 7th, 2019-18:13
I’m liking the Suits.

Thanks for sharing - are they Seiko standard quality?

 By: xxcesar : August 7th, 2019-22:13
As a heavy modifier of Seikos, I can see, where they draw the inspiration from, it is a nice idea, but execution looks cheap on the pictures. Have to see in real, but not sold yet.

I would think they're comparable to what you are modifying now

 By: cazalea : August 7th, 2019-22:34
Movements are traditional and based on the 7S26 though evolved in many ways. I’m not sure where the cases are made. I believe the images may be computer generated. I’ll look again tomorrow. Mike

Let‘s see

 By: xxcesar : August 8th, 2019-01:59
Having some official Seiko colleagues following my insta channel, I might even feel that some of my mods are used as inspiration, but from the pictures I still like mine better in style and quality (not objective view of course). Example: Will need to see... 


 By: xxcesar : August 8th, 2019-02:00

So are you saying you inspired Seiko's SKX diver's line like the SKX007 and SKX009?

 By: reintitan : August 8th, 2019-11:49
Because these new Seiko 5's are almost exact copies of the SKX line in terms of looks.

Not that much honor

 By: xxcesar : August 8th, 2019-13:30
The classic that started with the 6309 is genuine. My point is that the new line looks like a response to the multitude of mods that improve over the Seiko original offering, just like all auto OEMs now have their in-house tuning branch. C.

Nice looking line, I like them.

 By: VMM : August 8th, 2019-05:53
Tough watches, fair prices. Vte

I find these OK as they are re-specced SKX divers made to be non-diver "sports" watches

 By: reintitan : August 8th, 2019-11:48
The change of movement from the old and tired non-hacking, non-hand-winding 7s26 to the hacking and hand-winding 4R series is a welcome change, but not the others IMHO. Loss of screw-down crown Loss of luminous pip on insert Downgrade of water resistance ... 

Still not convinced....

 By: xxcesar : August 8th, 2019-22:13