South Bay, Sportura, Sunshine

Feb 22, 2021,12:23 PM

We went to the extreme south end of San Diego Bay today; an area we have never visited before. When we got there, we were amazed at the open spaces! 

This huge area was earmarked for the burrowing owl (presumably the owls need open areas of soft dirt. We enjoyed making shadow shapes but saw no owls.

But we did see lots of other birds on our walk in this area.

Precocious and territorial look, isn't it?

Today I am wearing the 3rd of my trio of Seiko Sportura watches (the other two were shown yesterday). I just realized last night that they are a family with so many common features, despite their functions and complications being completely different. For example, the bracelets look just the same from a few feet away, but are different in most respects. BTW - this is a watch made famous (long after I got mine) by Jay Leno, who wears one constantly on his programs.

Sorry for the fuzzy shot, my Sony Camera can't focus this closely without switching programs.

There was a canal leading nowhere, here in the burrowing owl zone.

The ground birds are extremely well camouflaged!

This road went into nowhere as well, and the signs said stay out, so we did.

These birds look like they are practicing their moves for a Paris fashion runway...

There were about 10 herons down there - tricky to photograph as the white seems to resist or deter my camera getting a sharp focus.

Here's our land animal for this walk. We saw three but only got a photo of this one.

Scores of gulls were playing "How many birds on a sand bar" and constantly knocking each other off, leading to squawking and screeching and swooping around.

We got to our walk just after sunrise, and there was still some mist in the valley to the east. We expect temperatures in the high 70's today. Sorry for all you in the cold.

This is a 10-mile distance photo of downtown San Diego.

Another heron.

Now for today's bokeh (background blur) shot:

We have walked a long ways to the west. Here's a wide shot of the salt mounds we visited in the Would You Like Some Salt With Your Fries? episode. They are 3-4 miles away.

A panorama of the salt water channels at the end of the bay. All this open space is amazing in the 8th largest city in the USA.

The birds can't believe it either.

The sun and temperatures were both rising quickly as we walked back to our car.

Two more scenic photos of the bridge

and the bay, then we made a quick stop for groceries, and headed north on the Silver Strand for home and some breakfast.

We drove through Coronado and attempted to get a drag race with this Fire Engine, to the amusement of the fire fighters.

Home at last!


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Once thought about buying today's watch...

 By: Ronald Held : February 23rd, 2021-09:45
Thanks for the downtown SD photos.