Not sure where to post this, no Citizen page?

Dec 02, 2019,06:23 AM

Can somebody tell me why Citizen has no page on this site?  I love the Aqualand watches and I need to find the gasket for a battery replacement.  Anyone out there able to help?  I found the Citizen part number  (393-00211), but I can't seem to locate one or a suitable replacement. Thanks

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I also have a Citizen... A runner's watch... Are you in the USA?

 By: HighEndOne : December 2nd, 2019-06:58
I have purchased replacement parts via a dealer/service center in Texas. I cannot find the name at the moment. Maybe these folks in CA can help out... All the best... HEO

I love this site as is .......

 By: robmks1 : December 2nd, 2019-07:01
You can't be all things for all people. I only have two watches that could be considered high end, Zenith and Breitling Chrono's, and a number of mid-range and lower end. But I have love of the really high end. Are you familiar with, "watchuseek" ? Check ... 

Love it too,

 By: jcroberts1972 : December 2nd, 2019-08:06
Ok, no problem. Thanks for the info!!

Well, lack of interest from visitors and no contacts at Citizen are the main reasons

 By: cazalea : December 2nd, 2019-08:24
When "appointed" as Moderator, I originally was going to call this forum the Seiko/Citizen/Japanese Watch forum. But that's unwieldy, and "the Purists" site was aimed at people who accepted no substitutes and were essentially laser-focused on high end pro...  

Thanks for the reply!

 By: jcroberts1972 : December 2nd, 2019-11:24
I love the site and will continue with posting things accordingly! Slowly building my high end stuff, got something coming tomorrow!!