Marinemaster inside!

Dec 31, 2015,08:49 AM

Not a very common view, a partially disassembled Marinemaster with 8L35 movement. A "B" version in this case. Got it new in 2011, but very unfortunatelly this watch was stollen less than a year latter. Miss it a lot, a lot... But enjoy the pictures of the 8L35. Cheers, Adriano

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Thank you very much for digging up these photos for us

 By: cazalea : December 31st, 2015-15:27
We don't see enough of the innards of our Seikos - I guess it's because they're not in the shop that often! Cheers & New Years Cazalea 6S37A ...  


 By: KMII : January 1st, 2016-00:58
Although both my Seiko 5 and the Grand Seiko SBGH035 have display backs, they somehow do not get looked at that often. Which chrono is that, Mike?

Mine is a Flight Master and there's a Credor variant too

 By: cazalea : January 1st, 2016-07:27
On the Seiko the date is at 4:30 On this Credor the date is at 6 Both have power reserve. I know the Credor is current production and sold in Seiko boutiques. I'm not sure about the Flight Master. Here's a post about the movement. LINK Mike ...  

Now I remember that you've shown us this one before :)

 By: KMII : January 1st, 2016-07:43
But as Seiko is not exactly a single model line manufacturer and I am new to this...