Just one more photo only, I promise until I get another Grand Seiko

Feb 14, 2018,12:01 PM

Side by side of two GS.  One is purely mechanical and manual winding, the other is a Spring Drive with amazing accuracy.  Both super nice craftsmanship.   

Best regards,


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I like the purity of these both dials a lot

 By: Alkiro1 : February 14th, 2018-15:05
Best wishes Alkiro


 By: Alkiro1 : February 14th, 2018-15:50
Best wishes Alkiro

Model info

 By: stevenokes : February 14th, 2018-15:45
Like them both but love the simplicity of the non spring drive on the left. May I ask what the model number is? Thanks

SBGW253 is the model number

 By: Baxter : February 14th, 2018-15:50
Best regards, Baxter

I was actually hoping for many more...

 By: KMII : February 14th, 2018-19:55
Or is the next one incoming already?

Both are really nice...

 By: JToddH : February 15th, 2018-08:44
I wouldn’t want to have to choose between them. So what’s next?

Thank you, not sure yet for the next one

 By: Baxter : February 15th, 2018-10:34
Best regards, Baxter