I thought so too! Thanks my friend

Dec 04, 2022,23:22 PM

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New shoes for a Seiko Sunday

 By: vallura : December 4th, 2022-14:21
Kinda changes the vibe ...  

Perfect match for with jeans! Bravo

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : December 4th, 2022-15:15


 By: KCLQMULKU : December 4th, 2022-15:55

Thanks K!

 By: vallura : December 4th, 2022-23:23


 By: BigFatPauli : December 4th, 2022-16:33


 By: vallura : December 4th, 2022-23:23

A lovely combination

 By: nasseriq : December 4th, 2022-21:30

πŸ™ thank you

 By: vallura : December 4th, 2022-23:24

Very nice timepiece,

 By: borisundercover : December 4th, 2022-23:38
And lovely strap !

outstanding paring!!

 By: aperna : December 5th, 2022-08:26

Late to the party

 By: GuyT : December 9th, 2022-19:26
I'm liking this strap, who make it please?

It’s a Hodinkee strap

 By: vallura : December 11th, 2022-00:12

Thank you.

 By: GuyT : December 11th, 2022-18:43


 By: vallura : December 11th, 2022-18:54