I am astounded at the accuracy of this 8 Day Grand Seiko Spring Drive. I set it when I got it several weeks ago and have wound it in between. I’ve not let it stop running. So it’s been continuous.

Aug 09, 2019,12:17 PM

In over two weeks it is off by .4 of a second. Amazing! What a watch!

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 By: keks : August 9th, 2019-13:04
Beautiful piece as well !

I really like this version a lot.

 By: BMR : August 9th, 2019-13:07
The thing that has kept me from owning a spring drive in the past is the power reserve on the dial. I love that this one doesn’t have that. Great watch!

0,4 sec - damn good accuracy !

 By: mahesh : August 9th, 2019-13:16
thanks for sharing Ed & wonderful wristshot too !! Best, mahesh.,

Glad that its engineering & design are paying off

 By: cazalea : August 9th, 2019-13:28
I went through the technical data when they introduced the movement. And some conversations: Watch guys were saying, “Ooh, too bad about that big plate in back; why not some pretty angles and inside corners?” And the Seiko guy was saying “Big plate = more... 

Amazing, Ed!

 By: ChristianDK : August 11th, 2019-13:37
what is the Odell called? I really like the clean layout. I can’t help thinking, knowing what you also have in your watch box, your genuine love of watches, high or low, is amazing and genuine.