Cruising with the Snowflake the other day with some sunshine!

May 22, 2020,22:27 PM

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!  Snowflake will be my companion for the weekend as it has since i got it last Monday!!
After 11 days on the wrist it is only +1 sec; incredible accuracy!!

Sun and snow what a great combination!

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The Snowflake is a superb watch.

 By: jlux : May 23rd, 2020-00:11
The Spring Drive technology is extremely interesting.

Indeed! Yes that is the first thing that made me pay attention to the GS world when I read about it a WatchTime some years ago..

 By: dkaleal : May 23rd, 2020-07:24
and when i finally saw the Snowflake in person at the Miami Boutique I knew I would own one eventually! Enjoy the weekend! -D-

Great watch

 By: George Gently : May 23rd, 2020-00:15
Nice to see how part of the logo and name are reflected in the hands. Regards, George

Thank you! Very happy to join the GS community!!

 By: dkaleal : May 23rd, 2020-07:21
And it did not notice the the logo reflection on the hands! Nice catch... the finishing on the hands, indexes, case and bracelet are like mirrors!! they reflect everything.. -D-

Thank you!

 By: dkaleal : May 23rd, 2020-07:19
Enjoy the weekend!

Very versatile watch and intriguing... I am still suprised it took me three years to buy one...

 By: dkaleal : May 23rd, 2020-07:19
Should have bought it the first time i tried it on. Also extremely comfortable bracelet and shape of the case fits great on a smaller wrist like mine. Thanks for looking! -D-