Baby blue

Feb 04, 2019,13:54 PM

My least accurate Seiko ... because the day i bought it my daughter's cat threw it of the table smile

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🙀 [nt]

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : February 4th, 2019-14:57

One can say that 😩 [nt]

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-15:03

RIP the cat 🐱 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 4th, 2019-14:58

Actually no ...

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-14:58
The day after my daughter was moving 100 miles up North so i had to catch the cats .... with my bare hands .... i will spare you the details as it felt more like RIP the BIM 😬

Luckily we got a photo of you just before you started...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-03:48
Thanks to the Purists Cam ... ...  

Hey! Did you hack my Mac ?

 By: bimbeano : February 11th, 2019-09:44

Sometimes it doesn't matter

 By: jml_watches : February 4th, 2019-15:11
Mine says hi Wasn't too worried about what time it was or if it was accurate on Saturday! I'm sure the cat's been forgiven, or could have been something more fragile! Cheers JML ...  

It wears very comfy ...

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-14:59
... with the original rubber strap, guess i will change it for my next trip. The cat has been forgiven offcourse, after i did some stunts with her 😁

Hmmm ....

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-15:00
... actually i am not going to try with my Rolex 😅

Thank you mon ami ! [nt]

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-15:00

My cat does whatever he wants

 By: cazalea : February 4th, 2019-21:56
Which is mostly sleeping and eating He likes mice too ...  

Good cat !

 By: bimbeano : February 10th, 2019-15:02
Sleeping and eating, unlike the two crazy ones residing at my daughters place. Whenever i am staying over at her place a nightly fight is going on in my improvised bedroom. These cats aint no pussies !