Afternoon drinks...with one of my best friend (and my wife of course!)...

Aug 11, 2019,13:44 PM

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Nice! [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : August 11th, 2019-16:12

Thanks Watchlover78! [nt]

 By: yacomino : August 11th, 2019-17:20

I’ve seen lots of ice wine but never a sparking version

 By: cazalea : August 11th, 2019-18:24
It it a fairly new thing? I used to work up in Toronto but it was 20 years ago. Nice GS too, BTW. Cheers, Cazalea

We got this sparkling directly from the Inniskillin winery in Niagara

 By: yacomino : August 12th, 2019-04:00
I cannot them in my local wine store. We also got a red sparkling based on Cabernet not sure if new but seem to have limited distribution