I don’t like deployant in general. [nt]

Aug 11, 2020,13:48 PM

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Eichi ii

 By: Watchmatician : August 10th, 2020-15:31
I’ve been eyeing on the Eichi ii for quite some time now. And today I finally got to see both the PT and RG versions side by side. One has to handle them in person to fully appreciate the craftsmanship. My personal favorite is the PT version, but the RG o...  

Yes the MSRP is US$54k. Lots of good options at that price range.

 By: Watchmatician : August 10th, 2020-16:12
But also nothing quite like the eichi ii

Yes. Apparently the blued screws are supposed to be the sparkling water behind it.

 By: BigFatPauli : August 10th, 2020-15:54
I LOVE the Eichi's (both of them). It is very, very, high on my want list. Do you have any more thoughts about them having now seen them in person? I would be buying "blind" so any insight is much appreciated.

I decided to get the PT after seeing both!

 By: Watchmatician : August 10th, 2020-16:10
My main concern was how it’s going to wear on my small wrist before seeing the eichi ii in person, give the clean dial and the relatively large case (39mm). I feared it might wear larger than the number suggests. I wore my CB to the shop so I can compare ... 

Thanks for your feedback.

 By: BigFatPauli : August 10th, 2020-16:55
Size is a concern of mine as well. I generally preffer 36-38mm watches so this stretches that a bit. It really looks fantastic on you. Congratulations and wear it in the best of health.

I changed to a regular pin buckle first

 By: mj23 : August 10th, 2020-19:17
Cuz I can’t stand the deployant. I ordered a rose gold pin buckle from Credor and still waiting. Apparently it’s very hard to find Credor pin buckle. 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for the info.

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-07:22
I’ll ask for a WG pin buckle if they don’t have one in PT


 By: pongster : August 11th, 2020-07:23
I normally prefer deployant clasps. Is there something wrong with Credor’s deployant?

The credor deployant is similar to the GS ones, which are a bit bulky and sits tall on the wrist.

 By: Watchmatician : August 12th, 2020-11:38
Not to mention deployant in general gets in the way when you want to admire the movement 😉

For some reason I prefer deployants

 By: pongster : August 12th, 2020-17:25
Strain to see the movement But not much strain on the leather Have not tried a GS deployant though

One of the best time-only watches out there

 By: jleno : August 10th, 2020-16:02
The anglage in particular is top-quality

Prefer the RG

 By: Mostel : August 10th, 2020-17:17
The dial being so very white... the RG warms it up preferably! The RG plays preferably with the blue line work on dial as well... No wrong choice here. Sensational.

Yes the contrast is great!

 By: Watchmatician : August 10th, 2020-17:40
Although the hands are blue on the RG model, the indexes and logo are dark gray/charcoal color instead of blue used in the PT


 By: Mostel : August 12th, 2020-15:49
Still the warmth of RG against the high white is lovely contrast.

They are beautiful!!

 By: mj23 : August 10th, 2020-19:15
Also the two shock absorbers are supposed to mimic the eyes of the 🐸 looking up.


 By: Watchmatician : August 10th, 2020-19:22
Now I see the 🐸!

Amazing craftsmanship!

 By: sirbogey : August 10th, 2020-22:41
I watched a video somewhere where he painted the markers with a brush on that dial. incredible

Huge congratulations ! it is a very beautiful dial....i happen to see once the Pt version, the dial is brilliant !

 By: mahesh : August 11th, 2020-00:48
i remember reading the review from Mike...a movement finish mentored by Mr. P. Dufour himself... it is a very special timepiece, wear in the best of your health. Best, mahesh.,

The Micro Artist studio are not shy about the influence from Dufour.

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-07:31
I heard they even have a photo of Dufour hanging in the studio.


 By: pongster : August 11th, 2020-04:13
What’s the price difference? The only difference is the case material? I suppose buckle/clasp as well? Everything else the same?

PT retail for US$53k and RG 42k I believe

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-07:34
Only differences are case material and color of the index and logo on the dial

There’s a difference in the logo?

 By: pongster : August 11th, 2020-19:44
Or just the color if the logo?

Just the color [nt]

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-20:24

You’ll. Price when you hold them side by side.

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-20:46
Or you can look for the close-up photos. My crappy iPhone photos won’t help much here 😅

Thanks Jay!

 By: Watchmatician : August 11th, 2020-07:27
Yes the PT will be easier to wear and can dress down with a causal strap. The RG is also very stunning with a Warner tone. Feels very different on the wrist

Spring drive? [nt]

 By: watch-er : August 12th, 2020-14:17

A very beautiful piece. [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : August 12th, 2020-16:57

This put a huge smile on my face!

 By: Zeitstuck : August 14th, 2020-11:53
Thanks for sharing the illustration of the flower with stem