TRF is a wacky crowd. I would have paid 2x for a 5513 with a super clean dial. Personally I love wacky patina!

Jan 27, 2023,21:19 PM

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 By: m2 : January 24th, 2023-17:28

Surrealistic, this dial.

 By: amanico : January 24th, 2023-17:34

This is one of those funny ones, where…

 By: Brandon Skinner : January 24th, 2023-23:44
In the static photo I’m not sure I like it, but if I were to see it live in the metal I might LOVE it. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing it.

They trashed you on another forum…

 By: gregcarraram3 : January 27th, 2023-00:55
I weighed in and said good for you! I love it!

Have more!!!

 By: m2 : February 2nd, 2023-12:06