This is the nature of a good and vibrant Rolex community.

May 27, 2015,07:17 AM

Interesting information to share with great people around the world.
A pure pleasure.
PS fee free to Pm me and extra info.

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Vintage Rolex Booklets - Spotting the fakes

 By: Bill : January 10th, 2020-13:33
Vintage Rolex booklets are great part of a full set. It adds another dimension to how the watch was intended to be used. The booklets are half owners manual and half advertising presentations. Sometimes we are lucky to find full sets from original owners ...  

Thank you for this great education, Bill!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2015-14:49
Haven't really got that deep into Rolex documents (yet), but would be very upset if I paid top dollars for a fake! Best Blomman

Most helpful!

 By: Le Monde Edmond : May 25th, 2015-15:15
I am clueless when it comes to Paper. Really appreciate this 101 on paper Rolex. Thank you for taking the time! Best Edmond

Very educating

 By: Alex83 : May 25th, 2015-15:25
thanks for this post Bill! I am sure more than one will go to their boxes to scrutinize their booklets, me included!

I don't think you need worry. This is more for lose Rolex Brochures.

 By: Bill : May 25th, 2015-15:37
Box sets have other interesting ways to evaluate. Like the folds and how they interlock. Then you are looking at the born together box sets which can vary. Some people stuff everything in the box other keep them separate and even more do keep the papers a... 


 By: Jurry : January 12th, 2020-00:12
Quick question, what’s wrong with using the box for storage? 28 years ago we bought two Rolex Datejust bi-color. Kept all documents etc and the boxes are in the safe. If we travel, the watches go in the original box back in the safe. This requires that fo... 

Excellent article, Bill. Which will be very helpful for those of us who are on the hunt!

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2015-22:36
Pixelisation... I didn't think about that criteria, but it is an easy one to get! Thank you! Best, Nicolas

bravissimo !!

 By: marcello pisani : May 25th, 2015-23:29
excellent analysis !!

A few tools to help

 By: Bill : May 26th, 2015-08:16
But even as we speak there are things on the bay for a lot of money that will be paid by unsuspecting collectors. I hope this helps a little but we can't always know from pictures. Bill

What a helpful write-up !.. Very valuable set of hints, thx kindly.

 By: hs111 : May 25th, 2015-23:41
Until yet, I only have 1 booklet only, & that looks ok, also under your tips for scrutiny.. Thx again & Best ! hs

Great info. Thanks [nt]

 By: descartes1 : May 26th, 2015-04:11

Very interesting..

 By: Chrisparet : May 26th, 2015-08:59
but I am afraid regarding the fakers capacities : the vintage world is dangerous Thanks a lot Best Christian

Always buy the seller

 By: Bill : May 26th, 2015-10:46
The waters are still safe if you buy the seller with any watch transaction. Bill

And you're definitely one of them beside Bill !

 By: shou.biao.kuang : May 27th, 2015-04:19
cheers :)

Excellent thread Bill !!

 By: shou.biao.kuang : May 27th, 2015-04:17
such info are valuable resources that's hard to come by. I've only seen one thread in another forum before yours and I must say, both are great resources ! Not sure if I'm allow to post the link here... Thanks Bill for sharing your knowledge, you're never... 

This is the nature of a good and vibrant Rolex community.

 By: Bill : May 27th, 2015-07:17
Interesting information to share with great people around the world. A pure pleasure. Bill PS fee free to Pm me and extra info.

Excellent education!!

 By: jcroberts1972 : January 10th, 2020-15:17
Thanks so much for the information. I love this part of collecting, it's really fun when you know what you are looking at!!

Great post

 By: Jurry : January 12th, 2020-00:07
Thanks for taking the time to do the research, put this all together and share it with us. Very interesting information and I’ve learned a lot that’s not only applicable to watches but to manuscripts and brochures from basically everything collectible. Mu...