Thanks for the kind words....

Nov 25, 2012,09:04 AM

Thanks for the kind words. Your collection is very complete without a doubt. 

Looking forward to sharing these examples with you. 



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Rolex 5513 Gilt Era 1962 - 1966 the full report. Repost.

 By: Bill : January 11th, 2020-08:47
The Rolex 5513 Glossy Gilt era. Left to right two matching Swiss - t<25 from 1964, Swiss only upper underline from 1963 and bottom Swiss - t<25 Bart Simpson coronet. There is something magical about the glossy gilt dials present in the many vintage Rolex ...  

Fantastic report, Bill. I enjoy it a lot.

 By: TdotBean : November 24th, 2012-18:42
It's funny I keep seeing the CR 5513 floating around the market lately. The price of the less pristine dial sell higher than those early mint 5512! Rarity is one thing but I worry about the authenticity of these CR 5513. Nevertheless, I do think the 5513 ... 

We are just looking a small +/- 4 year period of the rolex 5513 production

 By: Bill : November 24th, 2012-18:58
Imagine the variety across all 23 years of production for the 5513. I am stuck in gilt mode. I love all the 5512, 5513 and 1675 gilt models. Best Bill PS got your mail responded.

I like your approach a lot.

 By: amanico : November 24th, 2012-22:47
To cross the informations you can get here and there with your personal observations is the way, the ONLY way to go. I am trying to do the same job with the GMTs, and I find it easier to do with the 6542 than with all the variationsof the 1675. As the 654... 

You are correct in every sense

 By: Bill : November 24th, 2012-23:56
I wish we could say categorically that x = y but we are talking vintage Rolex. All we can categorically accept is what we have observed. But even then then we remain in doubt. For me I am seeking standard not absolutes. I hate the people that that to shut... 

Thank you Bill!!!

 By: gensiulia : November 25th, 2012-00:09
this is a comprehensive guide to my psychological self destruction :) what a fantastic band! thanks & Ciao!

nice job Bill!

 By: MattS : November 25th, 2012-00:21
well done! these gilt subs are beautiful and spectacular in real! Matt

Very well done post & an enjoyable read, Bill--kudos! One point...

 By: tomvox1 : November 25th, 2012-07:53
...that I would clarify is that it is really the switch to the chronometer cal. 1560 movement in the 5512 ca. late 1962 that precipitates the creation of the non-chronometer 5513, which actually was produced with the old cal. 1530 until around 1964-5. The... 

I will update the report with your comments on the movement thx

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-08:00
I agree completely with on the feet first I put it in because it was a bright line and I hope it will save a few future collectors the surprise. It was offered for sale by an auction house but it did not sell. Good thing. Thanks for your feedback. Bill

Wow. Thanks Bill....

 By: Darren : November 25th, 2012-11:26
This is a magnificent report. The gilt 5513 is probably my favorite (realistically obtainable) vintage Rolex, and I know a lot more about it now than I did when I awoke this morning. Many thanks for taking the time to put this together. darren

Realistically obtainable - keywords

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-11:38
You are right they are still a little under the radar but carry a lot of the attributes of the 5512 gilts where affordability for prime examples no longer exists. They are equally as hard to find with a short production life of the gilt dials as is the ca... 

Bill, this is a superb report

 By: Baron - Mr Red : November 25th, 2012-08:29
It makes me realise that my collection is like swiss cheese.... FULL of holes Just a glorious set of watches

Thanks for the kind words....

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-09:04
Thanks for the kind words. Your collection is very complete without a doubt. Looking forward to sharing these examples with you. Best Bill

I hope there are not...

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-09:06
I hope there are not too many holes in the report but I tried my best through observation. Thanks Bill

Great report Bill! Cheers, [nt]

 By: SteelerFan1965 : November 25th, 2012-08:53

I am glad you enjoyed...

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-09:07
I am glad you enjoyed it. As I get feedback I will update it. Thanks Bill

Just returning the favor. You...

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-09:48
Just returning the favor. You make many Sunday's for all of us here in the forum. Thanks Bill

Great report Bill

 By: DrStrong : November 25th, 2012-09:54
the feet first dial is a redial ;-)

Absolute the feet first is a ...

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-10:03
Redial not original. I included it to dispel it. They never existed but it was for sale at a large auction house. It did not sell. Best Bill

Detailed Analysis

 By: Le Monde Edmond : November 25th, 2012-10:07
Dear Bill, I much enjoyed this detailed report! Rolex is so confusing so this information certainly helps. Just have a few questions: 1) Is that 5512 did come with Chronometer certificates because the early ones did have have that written on their dials? ... 

Here are some answers to...

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2012-10:44
Here are some answers to your questions Just have a few questions: 1) Is that 5512 did come with Chronometer certificates because the early ones did have have that written on their dials? A - Yes that was a distinguishing feature of the 5512 which is COSC... 

Thank you

 By: Le Monde Edmond : November 25th, 2012-11:46
Great thanks so much! Just one more clarification: Early 5512 do not have COSC on the dial, did they still come with a certificate? With many thanks Edmond

best part dear Bill

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 26th, 2012-01:03
is price list ;) Seriously thank you very much for this future reference post Sincerely Damjan

Not a bad evolution

 By: Bill : November 26th, 2012-11:10
From a mere $175 the price is up 100 times over nearly 50 years. I used some financial calculators and got some interesting number. If the price of an item was 100 in 1963 it\'s present price equivalent would be approximately 1600. 10,000 of today\'s mone... 

So in fact

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 27th, 2012-00:56
we are paying 17 times more than our grandfathers for same thing ;) Cordially Damjan

Extraordinary report Bill!! You got an amazing amount...

 By: Subexplorer : November 26th, 2012-12:50
... of information and facts, and well illustrated with great photographs. Also beautiful specimens you show! I thank you so much for sharing this most important and interesting info with us! Best cordial regards, Abel.

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the report

 By: Bill : November 26th, 2012-13:25
I can think of nothing better than to share with the community. Best regards Bill

Very enjoyable reading, Bill!

 By: dxboon : November 27th, 2012-07:31
I really appreciate you delving into this subject, as the 5513 is a favorite of mine. Your report is a great resource for lovers of Rolexes from this era. Thank you! Cheers, Daos

Glad you enjoyed it...

 By: Bill : November 27th, 2012-08:02
I did not know you had a hidden affection for Rolex. Bravo. Your choice is perfect with any 5513 or Rolex sports model. Best Bill

Rolex 5513 Gilt Era 1962 - 1966

 By: onlywatch : November 27th, 2012-09:39
"fun exercise" fantastic ;)

I was a fun exercise

 By: Bill : November 27th, 2012-10:13
I am glad you enjoyed it. Bill

A nice reference article for the 5513 gilt fan.

 By: Bill : November 29th, 2012-16:00
It was fun researching but as we know there are always surprises with Rolex. Thanks Bill Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

I am glad you enjoyed the report

 By: Bill : January 26th, 2013-23:51
So much to to learn and enjoy from the Rolex Gilt era. Best Bill

Great Post

 By: kurtnickel : May 6th, 2013-15:53
Bill, I found this post to be very informative. Quick question thought, were there any non gilt dials produced in 1965/66 with a serial number in the 1.5m range? I own a 5513 with a 1.5m serial number and from looking at the dial, it does not appear to be... 

Your dial seems to be correct

 By: Bill : May 6th, 2013-15:57
The matt dialed 5513 probably started in the 1,5xx. Xxx + range but as always there can be overlaps in both direction but most matte dial meters first started to appear in late 1966 to early 1967. Please feel free to upload a picture. But to me your confi... 

So much to enjoy with the Rolex Gilt

 By: Bill : May 25th, 2013-17:16
Hi Logan I am glad you enjoyed the report on your journey through the world of gilts. Best Bill

Its a free knowledge from you!, free from the "Rolex school fee"..

 By: logan : May 25th, 2013-17:35
Which is very expensive and a big ouch once you caught the wrong one! So im very grateful and thankful for your time posting a great report. Its very useful and your collection make me drooling LOL

Dear Sir, Very interesting! Did I miss the answer?

 By: 19615512 : March 5th, 2016-05:42
"By: Le Monde Edmond : November 25th, 2012-11:46 Great thanks so much! Just one more clarification: Early 5512 do not have COSC on the dial, did they still come with a certificate? With many thanks Edmond" I hope Mr. Edmond does not object to me quoting h... 

Yes the 5512 2 line chapter ring.

 By: Bill : March 5th, 2016-09:44
The 2 line 5512 chapter has no cosc as it only has two lines of text the 4 line 5512 has cosc hence 4 line chapter ring gilt, non chapter ring and matt 4 line 5522. Bill

I think there may be some confusion- Rolex 5512 is based on COSC movement. BUT!!!

 By: Bill : March 5th, 2016-18:33
We know this is Rolex and the are many experts who can justify one way or another. It seems that there could have been different movements in the first (1959-1961) 5512 2 line which were capable cosc but what is confusing the issue here seems to be that t...  

Sorry...a 5512 2 line might be a chronometer...

 By: 19615512 : March 6th, 2016-05:47
Dear sir, So the first (1959-1961) 5512 2 line could have had different movements and may or may not be certified by the COSC. Very interesting, and further intriguing. Which movement is in the 5512 2 line you refer to in the example image? Regards

Mike - Moderator from Rolexforums summed it up very well.

 By: Bill : March 6th, 2016-18:33
These are his words verbatim dates 0ct 16 2011 Early 5513s & 5512s can both be found with cal. 1530 movements. However, with the introduction of a free sprung balance with micro stella adjusters on the balance wheel & a Breguet overcoiled hairspring on th... 

Very late, but luckily not too late.. I stumbled over this awesome & splendid write-up & pictorial !.. Read & re-read it twice, and..

 By: hs111 : March 6th, 2016-07:30
.. have also bookmarked it.. It is such an educative, comprehensive & valuable post. - Simply great, Bill !! The points around your " borders & likelihoods", and inter-relationship between 5513 vs 5512 and their respective movements, are so well taken. - ... 

Thank you for the Repost, Bill

 By: Brandon Skinner : January 11th, 2020-11:07
Using the search tab I have found countless amazing articles written before my time, and I’m quite sure there are countless more. I would love to see some of the old greats pop-up here and there if possible.

I am consistently astonished by not only the depth and breadth of the knowledge possessed by you and some other Forum members

 By: RabidManatee : January 11th, 2020-11:18
but also your willingness to share. I also enjoyed reading your piece on vintage Rolex paperwork. The presence of "pixelation" is also a tell tale sign of fakery in other vintage documents and media. Thanks.

Wonderful post, Bill!

 By: Mary Anny : January 11th, 2020-12:13
So useful and interesting. Thank you. Simone

wow...great details Bill !

 By: mahesh : January 12th, 2020-02:33
very informative & impressive to see how Rolex kept production of this model consistent for set of years between models - exactly shows how Rolex ensures the supply-demand for key models ! i am much assured now that i've 47600 chances to secure my bir...