Stunning Daytona, beautiful Lotus, cigs tasted like dog 5h!7 [nt]

Feb 19, 2017,08:55 AM

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The John Player Special

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-03:52
As you can see. This cigarette brand has a history with formula 1 during the 60s and 70s. Some amazing racing genes as illustrated on the choice of colors they use. It is at this same period Rolex made of of the most amazing chronograph know as the DAYTON...  

I thik you have one of most amazing vintage Rolex collections

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : February 19th, 2017-03:55
Another superb specimen Cheers D

You are too kind sir.

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-04:01
I am just very lucky to be able to find these watches and to meet so many great people at the same time.

Iceman, this YG 6241 Paul Newman is just breathtaking.

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2017-04:45
I am not a-totally crazy about Daytonas PN. A true minefield that you can pay cash, more than other references, but when I face Beauty, it is always a total and intense pleasure. Yours is just superb. One detail, with its YG bracelet, it is even nicer. Th... 

Thanks Nikolas

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-05:08
This one will be an heirloom pc for sure

Thanks you [nt]

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-15:52

Haha haha. A legend I'm am DEFINITELY NOT

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-15:51
But thanks for the compliment. It's a very very special watch indeed . One I will enjoy for a long2 time

Thank you [nt]

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-15:51

TQ [nt]

 By: Iceman : February 19th, 2017-15:53