I’ll be darned, all three aged quite well!

May 14, 2022,13:08 PM

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Rolex 1675 GMT MASTER. Thomas Magnum.

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2022-10:45
Here is a superb picture I found on Jake's World Website. Pussy Galore and her 6542, Thomas Magnum and his 1675... The GMT MASTER had some great wrists! Best, Nicolas ...  

Listed most places as 6'4" or 193cm...

 By: mdg : May 14th, 2022-17:16
...and not a skinny guy : )

His wrist? :-)

 By: Steve E : May 15th, 2022-00:34

And the 308 GTS.

 By: Uncle Chico : May 14th, 2022-12:29

Where, where???? :)

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2022-15:07

Magnum! One of TV’s greatest characters!

 By: MiguelFlash : May 14th, 2022-12:59
That watch looks tiny on his wrist. He was a college basketball player so he is a big boy.


 By: amanico : May 14th, 2022-15:07

Okay. Nice.

 By: TheMadDruid : May 14th, 2022-15:36
But where’s Pussy?


 By: amanico : May 14th, 2022-15:44

Looks like Pussy never met a microphone

 By: edtonkin : May 14th, 2022-17:31
she didn’t like! Perhaps o read your mind, Tony?


 By: aperna : May 14th, 2022-19:42

This material is ripe for jokes.

 By: edtonkin : May 14th, 2022-17:32
Her real first name is “Honor.”

I only knew one women named Honor in my life. She was the secretary for my great uncle who I would work for in the summers.

 By: aperna : May 14th, 2022-19:46
One day I walked in unannounced and let's just say They were having "fun". ))))

ROFL, Your Honor. ;)

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2022-21:05

Honor desk!!!!!:))))

 By: aperna : May 14th, 2022-23:56


 By: amanico : May 15th, 2022-07:15

Thank you!

 By: TheMadDruid : May 14th, 2022-22:25
And thanks to the rest of you for saving me from having to tell those jokes myself.

I'm bummed, the Magnum, P.I. reboot has been cancelled.

 By: Thomas_3 : May 15th, 2022-02:09
It was actually pretty good I thought.