Daytona summervibes

Jul 26, 2019,00:09 AM

enjoying my 20 years old A-serie Daytona in the pool and on the beach in Cassis

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I feel relieved! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 26th, 2019-09:05

Thanks I will [nt]

 By: DrStrong : July 26th, 2019-02:10

Quality Daytona and living life = ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 26th, 2019-02:49
Quality of life πŸ₯‚

Where it belongs...

 By: @lberti : July 26th, 2019-02:54
On your wrist, on the beach, in the water..... 😎 Cool watch indeed. Glad to use you use it "properly" πŸ‘Œ

Wow stunning :)

 By: Makilla : July 26th, 2019-05:40
and even too beautiful to taker her in the water πŸ˜… Hope you wear it in the best of health always. Laurent

Thanks Laurent [nt]

 By: DrStrong : July 26th, 2019-06:06

Great pictures

 By: Jari from Finland : July 26th, 2019-06:04
Hmm, may I dare to wet my Daytona into the sea. No, I don't want exposed it to the salt water, instead I will have a refreshing drink.

That is quite a cool photo of a Daytona. πŸ‘

 By: geross : July 26th, 2019-06:20
A real masterpiece of a Rolex. Enjoy. 😊 Geross

thanks Geross [nt]

 By: DrStrong : July 26th, 2019-06:25

Not too many

 By: matto1 : July 26th, 2019-22:31
Watches hold up over the years like thisπŸ‘Œ