Annoyed and bothered and can’t figure out why?

Mar 13, 2018,00:15 AM

For some odd reason when I see listings for Rolex models such as the new seadweller with asking prices way over MSRP I just get upset! I know it’s just people trying to make a quick buck but it annoys me. I really hope Rolex updates the submariners with the new movement and ramps up production of their cash cow essentially making the premium for the new skydweller obsolete! So the question here is why am I bothered by this?!!?!

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May be because...

 By: DSF : March 13th, 2018-00:45
You want to get the seadweller / skydwelker at MSRP but it’s impossible? Best, David

totally agree....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : March 13th, 2018-01:31
....its just frustrating. I think the thing is, for watches that we want that are being restricted like this, just put the order in and see it as a bonus when it arrives. With Patek, I tend to get a delivery date for what I order and Patek are good at get... 

Definitely agree - this is not right

 By: Mr Glass : March 13th, 2018-02:16
It's not like we are talking some super limited run, hand assembly by the one watchmaker in the world who can put a specific grand complication together. This is mass production of a simple watch, for a company making a million watches a year. Feels to me... 

People are free to ask anyone price they wish and . . .

 By: M4 : March 13th, 2018-02:53
. . . you're free to decline. It shouldn't be a bother. M4

At nearly a million watches per year, Rolex has to try hard to stay "exclusive"

 By: JToddH : March 13th, 2018-03:18
By having just a few models of unobtanium, they are able to keep up the hype about the brand. Mr. Jean-Claude Biver always says, keep the customer hungry and frustrated. Rolex is doing just that...all the way to the bank.

Unfortunately, I think Rolex is moving in the oposite direction.

 By: g_schroder : March 13th, 2018-08:44
I see they are reducing overall quantities provided to their boutiques around the globe, producing fewer new models, and requiring their boutique's to not price any watches below MSRP. All in an effort to solve their gray market problem over time. I think... 

All good responses.

 By: ripper444 : March 13th, 2018-10:36
I think Baselworld this year will give us a good indication of things to come. Also no i don’t want the seadweller at all as in my opinion it’s not a real seadweller rather just a bigger submariner. I walked into an AD this weekend and the only models in ... 


 By: willski : March 13th, 2018-10:51
However my personal feeling (guess) is that they are going to do a revamp of the Sub/GMT lines with the new 32xx caliber. Now that the DJ, DD, SD etc. have the new movement I suspect they’re switching over their core models now as well, and getting rid of... 

Demand outpaces supply

 By: watch-er : March 13th, 2018-16:37
Production is there, demand has gone crazy with the improving economies around the world. Rolex steel is where the declining watch market is still buying bigtime. I see the Rolex frenzy cooling off significantly in a few years.

Simply looking for another brand...

 By: hoseachandra1 : March 13th, 2018-20:37
I'm not in anyway being too bothered by any brand. There are tons of choices out there. The real problem is too many watches, too little money and only two wrist My only rolex and the only model that i like in the current line-up ...  

That's nice.

 By: ripper444 : March 14th, 2018-01:01
Looks similar to the vacheron blue dial variant! We shall see soon enough what they bring tot he table. My prediction is they remove the red text from the seadweller since it was there for the 50th anniversary and wouldn’t make sense to keep it red foreve...