Thomas you just proved how versatile the dssd are.. in fact dare I say all Rolex sport watches are really the only watch you ever need..

Oct 20, 2019,04:20 AM

From sport to casual to formal attire.. looking good!! πŸ‘πŸ»

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 By: janef : October 16th, 2019-03:15
With a simple blue nato strap the DeepSea is one of my most comfortable daily beater. Exceptionally accurate too! HAGW ahead guys! 🍻 ...  

Nice one janef!

 By: mrds : October 16th, 2019-05:31
Great combo! Breaks up the traditional Rolex look. For additional style points, try folding back the end of the Nato under the buckle. Best, Daniel

Thanks 🍻 [nt]

 By: janef : October 16th, 2019-08:23


 By: janef : October 16th, 2019-08:22
Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA Case diameter 44.0 mm Case thickness of 17.7 mm Domed crystal thickness 5.5 mm Case with full bracelet weigh 219g Hope you find this information helpful. 🍻


 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-01:22
is the new Sea-Dweller. AmitiΓ©s Thomas

I LOOOOVE this watch

 By: Mostel : October 16th, 2019-15:01
Something I've learned, a special dial is collector's gold. But it would not matter if you did not LOVE the watch, which I DO. Ten years from now, when discontinued...? Fuggetaboutit. Meanwhile, it's a KILLER piece every day. And I need to try on a Nato t... 


 By: Mostel : October 19th, 2019-15:23
enjoying my Cameron excessively, like a kid w a toy. I will say, It wears/ shows very well on top of wrist, you can't see anything but the coolness of the dial and case from top of wrist view. Nothing about that view looks unusual at all except the colors... 

Lovely piece..

 By: Reuven Malter : October 16th, 2019-17:23
Ive actually seen some deepseas in the wild recently. They do look amazingly good, smaller on the wrist as i thought. You really have a great piece!

But your Nato

 By: Reuven Malter : October 17th, 2019-00:24
Is even better: the strap fits the dial. Nice!

2 days late but not less enthusiastic

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-01:26
about your Deepsea, janef. I have to say I love this watch, and with the NATO strap it really looks perfect on your wrist. My 126660 says hello πŸ‘‹ ...  

This is a

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-01:43
nice side effect. 😎

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 19th, 2019-01:47


 By: janef : October 20th, 2019-02:39
I must admit the DSSD look RIGHT with the amazing bracelet. Looks so purposefully tough. These slightly wider bracelet makes all the difference I must say. Thanks for sharing and HAGWE! πŸ₯‚ Jen

Yes, dear janef!

 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:07
Also the new movement with its many improvements and PR of 72 hours is a big asset for me. But above all the wider bracelet which harmonizes better with the whole appearance of the watch from an optical point of view and - for me - improves the wearing co...  

Thank you for your kind reply, dear janef.

 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:46
Yes, I think you are right. ☺️ These watches are extremely versatile. And reliable, too, which in general is a big asset for me. Cheers Thomas

Great shot Thomas!!! [nt]

 By: aperna : October 20th, 2019-06:19