Thanks Gadalex, very interesting!

Mar 02, 2023,15:13 PM

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RD minute repeater in Pt

 By: smironov : March 2nd, 2023-14:13
Beautiful and super rare find - I haven't managed to find anything about this one on this site or anywhere online ...  

Not mine.

 By: smironov : March 2nd, 2023-15:14
Just found these beautiful pics and wanted to share with RD community.


 By: Tavio_George : March 2nd, 2023-14:52

Here's an auction link to the EXACT watch.

 By: gadalex : March 2nd, 2023-15:00

Did George Daniels make the case?

 By: enjoythemusic : March 2nd, 2023-18:07
I seem to recall GD did the cases for early RD, or was it someone else? You have a VERY incredible timepiece there, thanks for sharing pics ❀️😎

Very, very pretty :)

 By: InHavenPro : March 2nd, 2023-18:22

The Golden Era of Roger Dubuis, SA

 By: NickO : March 2nd, 2023-19:36
It’s always wonderful (and a little sad) to be reminded of what this brand once was.

Love its architecture !

 By: borisundercover : March 6th, 2023-20:23
Must be a joy to hear too ))

Just simply wow

 By: horoween : June 26th, 2023-00:12
no words for this RD love the oldies, is true oldie is goodie

I LOVE watches like this one.

 By: MTR : June 26th, 2023-14:00
Elegant and classic with the certain something. Very appealing! I am curious how it would look on the wrist. Cheers Thomas

It looks like this :)

 By: northerner : October 10th, 2023-08:47