Visit to the RM new boutique on Old Bond Street London ..

Aug 01, 2019,07:11 AM

Had a chance to visit the Rm boutique last week. My son was keen to see the pieces and had never been entertained well at the RM boutique on its own so wanted to go with me to be taken seriously smile
The boutique on the Old Bond Street is very well made and my son and I are overwhelmed by the attention given by the sales team specially Ms Chloe Wong. My 18 year old son got a chance to try his dream watch and was way to excited to try it . Yes it’s the RM008 in his case although my choice was the RM35-02 for myself ...They have been kind enough to allow us to see the watch repair rooms and had a wonderful chance to chat with the service centre associate .
I was really impressed and now keeping fingers cross to receive a call one day for my request availability. Iam in very safe hands and confident . This trip has left a positive impact on my son and now he understands the brand well And the books and resources given to him as gift from the RM team will go a long way to appreciate the Rm watches and it’s concept . Well done RM team UK !

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It is a nice change

 By: Weems@8 : August 1st, 2019-13:33
Always Rolex, Rolex, and Rolex. RM do it different, and i like that. Not for everybody, original, and a goal for watchlovers. RM on it’s way to be the most desired watch to own.

Second the help of Chloe Wong

 By: grahamhar : August 1st, 2019-14:21
On my recent visit she was extremely helpful in introducing me to the new boutique and I’m looking forward to the day she lets me know of the availability of some NTPT pieces. It will probably be a long wait though!