Visit to Quebec City

Sep 18, 2022,13:55 PM

Came upon this amazing clock while taking a night time walking tour. It was a gift from the Swiss Canton of Jura to the city of Quebec City for the 400th anniversary. Took an Army of 28 people to build it over six years!!
I have never seen anything quite like it.

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 By: Nicholas Abidi : September 18th, 2022-17:47
Town chose location in a historical square for celebration of 400th anniversary of Quebec City. Pretty neat City lots of history. Cliche is, closest thing to Europe in N.A.. was called New France. 98% of population speaks French. Heading back to SF tonigh... 

Thank you for the contribution

 By: Weems@8 : September 18th, 2022-14:49
Keeping up high quality threads. Maybe it is your name that brings such an interesting post. Chapeau. I have an enormous respect for watch making from the Swiss Canton of the Jura, so it is amazing what Quebec making loose. Superb to know RM is a pure Swi... 


 By: InHavenPro : September 18th, 2022-16:16
Cheers, Filip

Nice to see you post again!

 By: patrick_y : September 18th, 2022-17:41
And welcome to Quebec! That's one amazing clock! I haven't been to Quebec in quite some time, the next time I visit, I'll definitely have to make a special stop to see this clock! Have you seen the nominations for the GPHG clock category?

Not sure what the GPHG is?

 By: Nicholas Abidi : September 19th, 2022-04:27

Ahh. The Grand Prix Horlogerie de Geneve is...

 By: patrick_y : September 19th, 2022-05:08
it's a society that gives out awards for various watches and now clocks (new for 2022). It's kind of the Oscars Awards for the watch industry! Click here to see this year's finalists:


 By: Nicholas Abidi : September 19th, 2022-14:00
Their rules say it should have been new in the past year. The clock was installed in 2014. It should definitely win an award for something from this society.

And only recently did the GPHG start recognizing clocks!

 By: patrick_y : September 19th, 2022-16:57
Here's a link to an article I wrote about the man who helped push the GPHG to make a new category for clocks! /