RM011 and wrist size

Nov 04, 2018,23:57 PM

I am looking to get a RM011. Haven't decided on 011 or 011-03 yet. I mostly wear smaller watches now (Daytona, Sub, 5712, etc) and I am concerned that the RM011 would not fit my small 6.5' wrist. 

I tried the RM58 with rubber strap but their standard strap looks too long for me.  Anyone has experience on wearing RM011 with a relatively smaller wrist? Do they have shorter rubber straps that fit "perfectly" for a small wrist size?  At this price point, I would prefer the comfort to be 100% smile

Thanks a lot!

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I hope you not take as personally

 By: Passionata_george : November 5th, 2018-00:13
offence ,but this watch is way too big on your wrist .

tried 38 not 11

 By: watchphd : November 5th, 2018-00:22
yes this one is way too big but I am looking to get a rm011. i also tried the 27 and it looks a lot smaller even though it is the same in size as the 38 pictured.... it sounds very strange to me.....

On this picture too big in my opinion

 By: dedestexhes : November 5th, 2018-00:17
However: 1. if you like it why not? 2. ask someone to take a picture from a bigger distance. That typically gives a more realistic view on the watch on your wrist. br, Dirk

Or maybe try a darker color?

 By: Jeffrey : November 5th, 2018-01:17
The white color of the case amplify the watch's size.