RM005.. are they collectible?

Jun 13, 2018,04:31 AM

i have a rare opportunity to buy a pre own RM005 RG in mint condition unpolished full set very late model just before the end of production. 

Funny how I now find the older smaller RM case looks so romantic and original aka those 002s are so irresistible. So timeless and classic. 

The case even though might be small but it is certainly very thin compared to 10 and 30. It is very wearable. A daily watch with simple Low manintance time only function.

The 005 are getting really rare on the market and specially when the model Is no longer in production. 

Note the recent downsizing trends... eg PP5070 42mm drop to 5170 39mm and Rolex DD2 drop down to DD40 and etc..

Love to hear your thoughts! 

I am considering seriously. 

Cheers and thank you for your kind inputs in advance!


A photo I took from Collector Square. Thank you.

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Richard Mille RM005's are great - but comfortable are all RM

 By: monaco68 : June 13th, 2018-05:19
Hi Jen, good decision I used to have 2x a RM005 (rose gold / white gold) and I was always very satisfied ... a Richard Mille will not let you go and as usual today, all that is not officially available anymore is experiencing an increase in value or the d... 

Check this out

 By: janef : June 13th, 2018-07:02

that is what goes trough my mind now for a few years, are they collectible??

 By: raymond74 : June 13th, 2018-06:07
It is a very young brand, so therefore no real pedigree. I like their regatta timer RM 60 Voiles de St Barth, very fresh and summerish, but a whopping price, other brands offer you a tourbillon for that... Had one in the hands once in Monaco, seems very v...  

RM60 lovely!

 By: janef : June 13th, 2018-07:04
XXL for sure but very comfortable + XXL sense of adventure too

I’m no expert on Richard Mille

 By: Maltie : June 13th, 2018-06:21
But I tried one one some time ago in Kuala Lumpur and was stunned by how comfortable it wears. I’m however intrigued that this RM005 exists with “pink” jewels at 4 and 6 o’clock on the dial side but also with transparent jewels. I wonder why this differen... 

Interesting.. I too am very interested to find out too

 By: janef : June 13th, 2018-06:56
Some comes with the the ruby some don’t.. why? anyone can kindly chime in and solve the mystery? Thank you so much in advance! Jen

No worries...

 By: monaco68 : June 13th, 2018-07:08
... that's simply because of the continuous ongoing development of the timepieces at Richard Mille ... in every respect ... just as with the dials from other manufacturers ...


 By: janef : June 14th, 2018-01:35


 By: janef : June 14th, 2018-04:51
In fact the movement is also used in RM010 and RM016 but skeletonise. The 005 is not really an’transparent’ watch like the later ie 010 and 016.

I found this online..

 By: janef : June 14th, 2018-01:39
Apparently those that comes with the ruby between the 4-5 o’clock are the early models. Those without are post movement upgrades. Ecstatically I think those with the ruby looks more special.. 😬

Ah ok, thanks for that information

 By: Maltie : June 14th, 2018-01:55
But maybe the post movement upgrades make the watch more reliable, hence they upgraded it. Or was it merely for esthetic reasons.

... [nt]

 By: monaco68 : June 14th, 2018-03:37