Richard Mille has a knack for backing the best athletes

Aug 06, 2021,07:31 AM

(or best coaches) in the world

Well done to the Belgian athletes during these Olympics
And especially to Nafissatou Thiam, with her second heptathlon gold (second woman in history to secure two gold medals in two Olympics)

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He sure does.

 By: Lankysudanese : August 6th, 2021-07:35
If wearing the watch gets me abs like this, I’ll gladly pay my life savings 😜


 By: dedestexhes : August 6th, 2021-07:37

Thé great thing when you are a visionary…

 By: Mike H : August 6th, 2021-07:59
…is that you know what will happen before the others so you are always one step ahead of the others 😉

Great Olympics for Richard Mille...

 By: edo.k : August 6th, 2021-08:34
two golds for Jessica von Bredow-Werndl , gold for Mutaz Essa Barshim and gold for Hafi Thiam... some medals also for riders sponsored through UAE team... and gold for ex partner in tennis Alex Zverev....

I have no clue about their deal specifics

 By: VinnieD : August 6th, 2021-13:26
But sometimes, the value of the watch appears to represent a significant portion of the athlete's annual revenues, let's say for the sports that are less high profile than Formula 1 or football


 By: PalmSprings : August 6th, 2021-15:12
That's the genius part. He's giving them to people who aren't in the spotlight like Hamilton, Lebron James, ... etc. I don't even see NBA/NFL/MLB players actually being sponsored by RM like these athletes are. They have to pay to wear them. I'm 100 percen... 

richard mille clenbuterol edition

 By: Dchang81 : August 6th, 2021-14:56
features clenbuterol embedded in the proprietary lv case material for maximum transdermal absorption. i'm just joking ok don't get mad, but RM does have an impressive track record no pun intended

I tend to praise the hard work

 By: VinnieD : August 6th, 2021-15:20
and trust anti doping agencies for doing their work. What I can tell from a distance is that there was a lot of hard work put into these medals, and injuries were overcome by athletes. Respect

yea i can't imagine the blood sweat and tears put into it

 By: Dchang81 : August 6th, 2021-16:17
years of training and then they get judged over what amounts to minutes. crazy the pressure involved.