Sep 22, 2019,02:35 AM

My F1 weekend with the “offbeat” “middle-child” RM..

I love it nonetheless. One of my most comfortable “low-profile” piece. IMHO this is timeless in every angle despite I do often read online ppl think this is not a real RM.. 🤪



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A wonderful RM016

 By: brauner : September 22nd, 2019-02:50
Dont give a shit. Those who crit. cannot afford.

If I were the owner of this watch...

 By: blau : September 22nd, 2019-08:44
I'd want a better explanation of what's good about it than "If you don't get it you must be poor." (I'm not saying there isn't one! I'm saying this is not the kind of support I'd be looking for.)

Thank you! I think ppl are not giving the 016 a fair chance..

 By: janef : September 22nd, 2019-18:19
I read plenty of comments online, people's assessment of the watch during their try-on session in the boutique/AD. I find the 016 to be very much under appreciated due to a few reasons... there are more but below are my personal recollection.. New comers ... 

This is the RM I've always loved

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : September 22nd, 2019-04:47
Design and ergonomics at their best.

Nice shot

 By: grahamhar : September 22nd, 2019-14:18
I never get tired of seeing live shots of Rm. BTW the composition of this shot is exquisite. I really like the white strap it complements the numerals on the dial really well

I own multiple straps for this watch..

 By: janef : September 22nd, 2019-18:22
Black, yellow, blue, red, white and grey colour .. 😅 I used to own 18KWG with roman numeral which I think not as sporty. Thank you for your kind comments! 🥂 J