My nine year old grandson made me a Raphael Nadal

Jul 23, 2023,02:57 AM

With his magnetic spheres

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Wow! What prevents them from bunching up

 By: Darron : July 23rd, 2023-03:18
into a big magnetic ball

The magic of magnetic spheres

 By: mjcruiser42 : July 23rd, 2023-05:40
It’s a cool toy

Impressive and cool!

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2023-04:16

 By: hora12reborn : July 23rd, 2023-04:47
What a kind gesture and realistic achievement!

Bravo, you could actually wear it👏🏻

 By: S F : July 23rd, 2023-06:10
And your grandson has surely designed a piece that’s well proportioned for your wrist🤩

That's so cool and sweet!

 By: 1WatchMan : July 23rd, 2023-06:34

So nice and kind.

 By: Fat Bastard : July 23rd, 2023-13:21