As predicted RM67-02in NTPT

Apr 30, 2018,01:46 AM

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The watch…

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 30th, 2018-03:34
looks very good especially the case and movement. Just the crown that I don’t like as much as some previous versions.

Another nice iteration

 By: colton_d : April 30th, 2018-07:50
This reference has the makings of a classic IMO. I know the term 'accessible' is somewhat skewed in the RM world, but this is about as accessible as one can get in the MSRP landscape - and this checks that box well. I have yet to see an iteration which fa... 


 By: Adamska : April 30th, 2018-12:29
Don't care for the color of the strap in the photo but this version is really beautiful. Cheers, Filip

Nice, but...

 By: Colin W : October 2nd, 2018-15:13
Not sure about that crown design, just looks a little out of place on that piece IMO.

I love this one, who knows maybe my second RM67....but I would put it on the black comfort strap.

 By: Maltie : October 25th, 2018-01:38
It kinda feels I’m bitten by a bug. Can’t wait to return to the RM shop and try the comfort strap.

RM 67-02 with comfort strap weighs significantly less than 32 grams

 By: eric.vonschonberg : April 3rd, 2020-00:15
I have the Alexander Zverev version and was surprised to find that with the comfort strap, it weighs 28.11 grams, which is the exact same weight as 5 US Nickels (5 grams each) and 1 US pre-1982 Penny (3.11 grams). See the photos. I've searched online and ...  

Super cool piece

 By: Maltie : April 3rd, 2020-10:52
I always wonder how much they retail for

Well, I'll say this much about the retail price ...

 By: eric.vonschonberg : April 3rd, 2020-18:20
It's probably against the rules to mention retail prices here, but I will say it's more than the 5 nickels and 1 penny shown on the photo.

😂 [nt]

 By: Maltie : April 4th, 2020-00:43

No seconds hand..

 By: Blesk : April 3rd, 2020-15:29 a problem for me. Plus the supports at 8 and 10 o’clock can be mistaken for hands at a glance. Otherwise a great piece!

Better with the Alexandre Zverev

 By: eric.vonschonberg : April 3rd, 2020-18:03
After you mentioned mistaking supports at 8 and 10 for hands, I realized I've never had that problem. Then, I looked more closely on the version shown here, those supports are white, but they are black on the one I have, the Alexander Zverev. I've never h...