A poor man's Richard Mille

Jan 28, 2021,09:15 AM

So what? I love it.

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It's been ten years since covering the opening of the RM boutique in Beverly Hills . . .

 By: Dr No : January 28th, 2021-09:57
. . . and the only reference that stood out in my memory is . . . . . . the 028. Art ...  

Well ...

 By: brauner : February 1st, 2021-08:55

Somehow its attractive .

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 28th, 2021-11:32
Me like 🤗

Thank you

 By: brauner : February 1st, 2021-08:55

I won’t call it a poor man’s RM at all.. instead.. this is RM’s real Scuba diving piece. It’s perfect for lovers of water sport.

 By: janef : January 28th, 2021-12:23
Yes the RM32 too is a diver with 300m WR but do you want to dive with mechanical divers with chronograph pushers? Some too argue that RM016 is the entry level.. I met Mr Richard Mille in a private function back in 2019, I saw him wearing a titanium RM016.... 

My absolute favorite part of getting older ...

 By: ChristianDK : January 28th, 2021-13:47
Is my thoughts about what other people may or may not think, seem to get smaller and fewer every year. Love is all we need 😉😊


 By: brauner : February 1st, 2021-08:59

What a beauty

 By: CGJ0 : January 29th, 2021-05:20

Thank you😎

 By: brauner : February 1st, 2021-08:59

Poor mans...

 By: keks : January 29th, 2021-14:18
Well it is all relative... on an absolute level this is an astounding piece! Enjoy!

Thanks I do

 By: brauner : February 1st, 2021-08:59

A steal when compared to RM030...

 By: HorologyMiami : February 1st, 2021-13:00
Same movement and material as RM030 but with 300m water resistance and for $80,000-$100,000 less in today's market... what is not to love. Always saw the 28 as a great deal when comparing to the 30 especially if you don't mind the size. In today's insane ... 

Thanks a lot😎

 By: brauner : April 22nd, 2021-17:28