Piaget does it right ....

Nov 16, 2018,11:59 AM

I gave my wife’s inherited watch for a complete service and spa treatment two months ago and now it’s back like it’s new . It’s 45 years old and they even went to the extent of offering patrimonial archive letter stating year of manufacture and sale and details . Further as they knew that it has to be presented to my wife for her 40th Birthday they threw in a beautiful box along with manuals ....Just Perfect !
Thanks to the Piaget team in London ! Thanks Ignacio!

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Outstanding service from Piaget, indeed.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : November 16th, 2018-12:21
Good to hear from such pleasant experiences. The watch itself looks spectacular: very nice piece!

Yet to be presented :) [nt]

 By: Horology75 : November 16th, 2018-12:36

Those were the watches Gerry Grinberg advertised as the most expensive watches in the world.

 By: rdenney : November 16th, 2018-14:12
He carried about half a dozen stone-dialed Piagets around from store to store, but at a retail price of about a thousand dollars, it was too much for early 1960's Americans. (Uncomplicated Pateks in those days were about half that.) He put together the fu... 

Which was a little less than $2200 in the middle 60's.

 By: rdenney : November 16th, 2018-14:43
But the watches he sold averaged $1000, and this one has diamonds. Story here. --Rick

This watch is perfect! [nt]

 By: Passionata_george : November 17th, 2018-06:37

Jacklyn Kennedy`s watch

 By: mohammad : November 30th, 2018-10:16
Jacklyn Kennedy had the same watch and it has been auctioned in 1997 for as little as 55000$ . That`s the Greatness of Piaget , it`s the Celebrities choice .

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing the info.

 By: Horology75 : November 30th, 2018-11:46
Any links my friend ?