Piaget Andy Warhol Malachite

Jun 27, 2022,09:53 AM

I discovered these watches some time ago and tried this in the boutique.
Sure they are not everyone’s taste.
But to me they are amazing!
Love it!

Best regards

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 By: tempus : June 27th, 2022-12:33

I like it a lot.

 By: jlux : June 27th, 2022-11:35
Strong character and a beautiful dial!

Wow 🤩

 By: tempus : June 27th, 2022-14:00
Is it a special order? And is it possible to order platinum? Best Tempus


 By: patrick_y : June 27th, 2022-15:54
Montblanc made a fountain pen that matched this color scheme!

I love this ! Rarely see these in the boutiques

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : July 9th, 2022-13:32
And never saw one in the wild before. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers Robin